Start date April 25, 2020
End date April 28, 2020
Location Saint-Malo, France
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Dear colleagues,

The French community of scientists interested in transposable elements (CNRS-Mobil-ET) and the French Society of Genetics (SFG) are happy to announce the 4th International Congress on Transposable Elements (ICTE 2020).

The congress will be held on April 25-28, 2020 in St Malo (France) at the “Palais du Grand Large”. St Malo is a beautiful and well-preserved corsair city surrounded by a city wall from the XIIth century on the Channel coast. It is ~3h distant from Paris by train and 50 km from Mont St Michel.

Registration & information:

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Deadline for abstract submission: March 4, 2020.

Transposable (or mobile) genetic elements play a crucial role in the living world and are present in all domains of life. These jumping genes, originally thought to be a genetic curiosity, are now proving to be ubiquitous and immensely important. They have a profound influence on the structure and function of the genomes in all organisms they occupy. Discovered by Barbara McClintock (Nobel Prize of Medicine in 1983), transposable elements are central to all biological processes, with considerable implications in medicine and agriculture. Transposon research covers a broad spectrum of organisms and a large variety of biological processes and methodologies. The goal of ICTE 2020 is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for scientists from diverse fields such as biochemistry, structural biology, ecology, genomics, bioinformatics, plant biology, microbiology, neurobiology, aging research, or oncology. As previous editions of this congress, we hope that it will be a fertile ground to foster unconventional interactions and novel cross-disciplinary collaborations.

The sessions will present the latest findings in the field and encourage stimulating discussions on the following topics:

1) Transposable elements in genome evolution and adaptation

2) Transposable element control and epigenetics

3) Transposition mechanisms and applications

4) Transposable elements in health and diseases

Please help us to spread the word by forwarding to colleagues and trainees with an interest on this topic. We hope to see many of you at the meeting!

Join us in Saint Malo !

On behalf of the organizing committee:

P. Lesage, Institute of Research Saint Louis, Univ. of Paris Diderot, CNRS, Inserm, France

M. Ainouche, Univ. of Rennes, France

O. Barabas, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

S. Chambeyron, Institute of Human Genetics, Montpellier, France

G. Cristofari, University Cote d’Azur, France

S. Duharcourt, IJM-Paris, France

C. Gilbert, Univ. Paris-Saclay, France

N. Gilbert, Institute of Regenerative Medecine and Biotherapy, Montpellier, France

C. Loot, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

O. Panaud, Univ. of Perpignan, France

C. Vaury, GReD, UCA, CNRS, Inserm, Clermont-Ferrand, France

C. Vieira, Univ. of Lyon, France